Well Isn't That Just Lovely.

I’ve created a side blog to reblog everything The 100 into, so if anyone wants to give it a follow, go ahead! I’m not gonna post anything any time soon though, not until tomorrow, sleep calls…

Bed now. Wish me luck in not waking up nauseous tomorrow…

Clearly I’ve done something right with Motoharu, because for the first time, he sat and boggled at me :’D I was just poking my finger through his cage and repeated “Heya” to him, and he just sat down and started boggling ;w; I’m glad to know he’s a happy Rattie!!

I got a canon The 100 url, I might make it into a sideblog for The 100, because I love that show too much


omg why did I think this was a flattering angle to photograph a bruxing rat from


omg why did I think this was a flattering angle to photograph a bruxing rat from

It makes me really happy seeing fan art of Guntama!Takamoto :o (tbh, I’m happy seeing any fan art of the Guntama!Mouris…) Now we just need to wait for fan art of him with his Papa :’D

zestiriamikleo replied to your post:I’ve had a really shit day =/

I’m sorry! I hope tommorow is better! But look at it this way; there’s only 5 more hours left in the day and you’ve made it through 19 hours of today !

Thanks!! :o now I think about it, I do get to go home at 1:30 tomorrow ;w; (One reason I like College…) But thank you!!

I’ve had a really shit day =/

I had to tell my Geography teacher about the nausea my anxiety brings with it and now I have to tell the people I’m sharing a room with onthe residential so that they don’t get freaked out if they hear me gagging at the unholy hours =/ *sighs* I hate residentials…

There’s fan art of Guntama!Takamoto, rejoice!!

Bed now. I’ve had enough of watching Motoharu spy on me and throw his cat litter everywhere…

I LOVE THE 100 THANK YOU!! okay so the question is: What is the fandom name? I was thinking it would be the grounders but Clarke was like "we are not grounders" im like oh... But yeah, what would it be?


We honestly don’t have a name for the fandom. We know this is a big thing — group identity — but honestly, we just call you… fans. We know other fans like to refer to the fandom as ‘Grounders’ or ‘Delinquents’ but we don’t have a name ascribed as yet…

So, call yourself whatever you like. We don’t mind. :)

bb Motoharu fell asleep where I didn’t expect him to… On the bright side, I get to see him curled up asleep whenever he has a nap ;w;